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Deirdre Y. Burton, LMFT, BCC.


I have lived in Indianapolis for most of my life. Because I love basketball and have become

an expert in surviving winters in the Midwest, I consider myself a Hoosier. However, my humble

beginnings are rooted and grounded in Oklahoma City. Therefore, in my heart, I am a Sooner.


I am a graduate of Indiana University with associate and baccalaureate degrees in Occupational

Therapy. Most recently, I completed an advanced degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My small counseling practice is dedicated to women and couples who desire a safe place to obtain solution-focused options for creating new life and relational narratives. 


I am a board-certified wellness coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education.

My coaching mission is to come alongside women who passionately desire a collaborative partnership in the arena of transformation through personal growth and well-being. My ideal

coaching clients are women who thirst for a lifestyle of wellness. If this is your desire, I invite you to consider hiring me as your coach to explore one or both of my coaching programs focusing on wellness, goals, and strategies for change. I am also a registered yoga teacher, and I love using yoga to help those I serve. 


Teaching is my favorite way to empower others. I am a wellness educator, and through my educational courses, I cover personal and professional development, establishing and achieving personal goals, and lifestyle wellness. My goal is to energize women to live their ideal lives.  


While combing my Grandma Vern's hair one day as a young girl, she spoke into my life and said I would touch the lives of many with the work I would do. Those words have come to pass through my work as an Occupational Therapist for nearly 30 years. As an Occupational Therapist, I have experience in long-term care, inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation, hand therapy, and home care. I have been a self-employed Occupational Therapist homecare subcontractor for nearly 20 years.   


As a result of mounting college tuition, I volunteered to serve my country by joining the United States Army Reserves. Nearly 32 years later, I retired from the Army in 2016, and my boots found their final resting place in my closet. My new avenue for serving the military community includes being a Military Family Life Consultant. What a great yet challenging adventure the military has offered me. I am a veteran of the first Persian Gulf War. My military career has included serving as an administrative specialist, squad leader, instructor/course manager, Occupational Therapist, and Behavior Health Specialist. Due to a military love connection, I met and married my military sweetheart. My last and final deployment was to Germany, completed in 2015. 


Walking is my “Sabbath.” I am a mini-marathon junkie, and I have 32 finisher medals to validate my addiction to walking. I am also a "shop-a-holic" in recovery, and every day is a choice to live by a spending plan. I enjoy reading, listening to music, drinking hot tea, bike riding, and yoga.  

Fun Facts:

I skydived for the first time ever on

August 24, 2013. Once I opened

my eyes and stopped screaming,

it was a great experience!   ​

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